My Story

I am a …
snuggly mama / giggler / toddler entertainer / story teller / castle builder / star gazer / dreamer

I have always been an arty kind of girl, driving my parents crazy with all the things I wanted to make from Blue Peter and then Father Christmas bought me my first camera when I was 8. It was big and clumsy and had weird little narrow film that you had to develop at the chemist and you had to wait days to see your photos. It was love at first sight, I loved the thought of capturing moments in time and being able to keep them forever (I have also always been a soppy sentimentalist).

I am also a optimist and have never taken off my rose-coloured glasses. This is what interests me about photographing children. The precious feeling of seeing a little face full of wonder and excitement at the world, full of belly laughs and questions and capturing that little chapter in a persons life forever.

My own style is rather romantic, timeless, classic & contemporary.

I worked for a local photography studio in my younger years before being lured into the City with the promise of all it had to offer. After many years of being tied to a desk and working too long hours, I met my rather wonderful husband in London and we decided to move back out to Essex when we were expecting little “bean” in 2010.

Once our little bean was born, we named her Isabelle and the next chapter in our story began. My camera was dusted off and I took hundreds of photos of her so I wouldn’t forget a single moment of those precious first months.  Friends then saw the photographs I was taking and asked if I could photograph their babies and toddlers and the more photographs I took, the more I felt passionate again about the world of photography.

As a photographer I love newborn photographs which are natural, timeless, contemporary and classic. I do love a prop but I like to keep the focus on capturing the teeny tiny characters, the little rolls of fat, the sleepy little eyes and chubby cheeks. I work with families to make sure we capture their individual sense of style and colour which will complement their homes.

I use natural and studio lights and have a comfortable home studio conveniently located in Chalkwell, Essex. I can’t wait for our session together and to create unique & beautiful art for your family.